Are you a non-French resident with a home in France, or have you recently purchased one? If you are, this is the right place to find out everything you need to know about managing your account simply and effectively.

Would you like to open an account?

Before you contact us, please make sure that in your new home, the water supply is on. If you have a water supply, you can open an account right now.

But if the water has been turned off, you will need to arrange a visit by a technician at least 48 hours before you move in. You can contact us to arrange an appointment.

 What information will you need to provide us with?

  • your moving-in date ;
  • your address ;
  • the billing address (if different from the home adress) ;
  • your meter reading (only the black numbers displayed) on the day you received the keys ;
  • the name of the person who previously lived in your new home (if you know it) and/or the customer reference shown on their contract.

You can apply online for a new account

View the comprehensive information sheet on account opening (in French).

You can also contact your Customer services team.

When you sell your home, your account will stay open until you close it.

What information will you need to provide us with? 

  • your contract number ;
  • your meter reading (only the black numbers displayed) on the date of lease termination or sale ;
  • the date on which the contract of sale was signed ;
  • your new address, so that we can send you your final account closing bill ;
  • the name of the person who will be moving in (if you know it).

You can ask to close your account directly online

All you need to do is to contact our “mon Compte en ligne” (online office) and ask us to close your account.

You can also contact your customer services team.

View the comprehensive information sheet on closing an account (in French)

  • If you have a French bank account, you can send us your RIB (account details) and decide whether to pay by direct debit or monthly via "mon Compte en ligne" (online office), where service is in French ;
  • If you do not have a French bank account, or would prefer to pay by card, you can also pay your bills directly via  “mon Compte en ligne” (online office) (Mes paiements/My payments page), or by phone using our secure voice service. We have set up a special number for our non-resident customers : 0 977 40 77 90 

Our online office allows you to manage your account 24/7 from wherever you may be. Access is secure and completely free of charge. With your online account, you can do all of these things :

  • notify us of a change of address ;
  • change your bank details ;
  • pay your latest bill online or switch to monthly payment (if you have a French bank account) ;
  • view your bills ;
  • switch to e-billing ;
  • tell us your meter reading ;
  • ask us for a quote for a new connection or plumbing services ;
  • track your water consumption in real time, if your water meter offers remote reading ;
  • view leak alerts.

Go to “Mon Compte en ligne” (online office)

Are you interested in finding out more about the price, quality and taste of water in your city, town or village? Would you like information about work being carried out now on the water supply network in your area and/or work scheduled for a future date ?

 Go to ‘L’eau dans ma commune’ (water in my area, in french).